The national day WWF - may 2007

 In a recent note WWF- Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta - informed that the traditional “Wildlife Reserve Day” scheduled on Sunday 20 May 2007 all over Italy, an event largely followed by the media, this year will take place in Loazzolo and in the newborn WWF Reserve “Forteto della Luja”.

This prestigious acknowledgement has come at the beginning of a year that promises to be very important for Loazzolo, the small village of the Comunità Montana Langa Astigiana where the Forteto della Luja cellar is located. As a matter of fact, a reliable source seems to confirm that also the dream of the creation of the Regional Nature Reserve “Boschi di Loazzolo” (Loazzolo Woods) should be on the home straight and the inauguration scheduled, if no bureaucratic delays arise, within the end of this year.

For many years the efforts of the Scaglione family, owners of the Forteto della Luja farm, have been aimed at achieving and enhancing a quality wine-growing in full respect of the traditions and the great cultural and naturalistic patrimony that our country and some uncontaminated places in the old Piedmont still preserve.
The traditional steep vineyards that characterize Loazzolo and the Langa Astigiana area, surrounded by dry stone low walls and magnificent woods immersed in a unique landscape, rich in biodiversity, represent a remarkable example of the deep value of knowing, appreciating and preserving.

This will be an important appointment with many friends and prominent guests.