WWF affiliated reserve

Since 2007, the vineyards of Forteto della Luja have been an affiliate World Wildlife Association Oasis.

Over the years, the Scaglione family have worked to attain the highest standards in viticulture, while respecting traditional methods. The small, historical and characteristic winery Forteto della Luja overlooks steep vineyards where numerous species of wild orchid grow; the stone walls, the terraces and the majestic woodlands form a unique landscape teeming with flora and fauna, demonstrating the importance of understanding, appreciating and safeguarding biodiversity.

What is a WWF Oasis?

There are more than one hundred WWF Oases in ltaly and they form the most extensive project for the protection of biodiversity ever undertaken in this country. The Oases are 'protected naturalistic areas' where nature is observed and recorded, there are teaching programmes, walks, research projects and wounded ani mais are cared for unti I they can return to the wild.